What is a typical engagement for LBell HR?

The four most common engagements involve:

  • Merger and Integration support
  • Support for the installation of new programs
  • Program change or vendor change
  • A review and refresh of existing programs

What size engagements do you work on?

The typical engagement runs anywhere from 3 months to a year (on a part-time basis) but I occasionally assist with specific segments of a project that have a smaller scope and timeline.

What are your fees?

As a small firm, LBell HR Consulting does not have the overhead of the larger consulting firms. Therefore, professional consulting fees will typically be 50% of services by individuals with comparable credentials at big HR consulting firms.

What if I need several consultants?

LBell HR Consulting has developed a network of professionals who each own their own consulting business and can be called upon if a particular engagement requires multiple resources. Professional individuals with an HR consulting background such as actuaries, communication experts, project managers, market pricing analysts and others can be engaged to supplement a particular project. Because these individuals are deployed on an as-needed basis rather than incurring the overhead costs of permanent employment, this solution provides high quality at a lower cost.

We already have a relationship with a big consulting firm, would you be willing to work with them?

Of course! In fact, LBell HR Consulting can be engaged directly by clients or as a subcontractor to whichever consulting firm the client is working with. This solution provides the client with a cost-effective alternative but with the comfort and convenience of oversight and coordination with the larger firm.

Do you provide interim support?

In general, the kind of support I provide is in a consultative capacity, working with the staff of the organization to complete the work. For example, I can assist the project manager in the development of a project plan by using my experiences with similar projects as a guide. Similarly, I can coach, train and support on-site staff in the work that needs to be undertaken. I do not provide full-time interim support, but I would be available to assist both on site and off depending on the needs of the company.  On a recent engagement I worked on site Monday through Thursday, two weeks out of the month, for over a year.

Are you willing to spend time on site?

Yes, my “boots on the ground” approach allows me to provide personalized service and support to the client as needed. I can work on site several days each month and sit shoulder to shoulder with the company’s staff to witness activity on the project and provide real time support.

What is your approach to an HR change project?

Click on the Resources tab for a fun infographic on How to Implement an HR Change Project. Often times, the work ends for a consulting firm once the programs are designed, but before they are implemented. LBell HR Consulting recognizes that implementation is where the real work begins. Because I have been in industry positions for many years during my career, I know what it takes to effectively implement and communicate new programs or changes to existing programs. I bring the right balance of practical knowledge and change management strategies to bear, and will be by your side from the initial implementation planning all the way through the development of the last policy or procedure to support the new programs.

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